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Join us this Sunday July 12th from 12-4! Volunteers from New Leash On Life Dog Rescue will be washing dogs to raise money for their no kill rescue. Cost is $20 and includes bath and refreshments.


Lose that funky smelling collar and get on the good foot with a new collar from Souldier. These vintage collars are made right here in Chicago. They feature striking vintage fabrics with a musical twist.

You see Souldier is better known for making sweet guitar straps worn by some of today’s most popular artists.

Their vintage fabrics have also been worn by Hendrix, Page, Muddy, and more. Stop in and check out these great new locally made collars and let your freak flag fly.

It started with collars. I was thinking of a way to merchandise the studded/spiked collars and I remembered the classic Lou Reed live album “Rock And Roll Animal”. The cover depicts Lou donning spiked cuffs and and a matching dog collar worn around the neck. The image and album title were perfect. On the wall it went. But it wasn’t alone. Who can think of Reed in the 70’s and not think of his pal David and their infamous escapades? “Diamond Dogs” was a must for the wall.  Now if I can just find a single of “I Wanna Be Your Dog” the trio will be complete.

The collection grew. Any LP with reference to dogs, cats, or just, as in the Reed album, animal qualifies. Believe me there are many. In addition to searching the bins at local record stores, I have been fortunate to have customers bring in items from their own collections. This has expanded the collection to include a copy of the Animals debut on reel to reel, vintage sheet music, 45’s, and even a die cast toy car that celebrates the Beach Boys “Pet Sounds”. “Pet Sounds” incidentally was a groove away from being the name of the store 9 years ago.

So what started as a simple idea to display some product has grown to personify the store itself. Does it make sense? I’m not really sure, I just know that I’m as passionate about music as I am about helping people care for their pets.

Be sure to ask for a sample from Plato Pet the next time you’re in the store. Dogs find these US made treats irresistible!

We’re stocked up with their original strips, Thinkers, and the new Farmers Market Treats.

Last month Proctor & Gamble(Iams and Eukanuba) announced it’s acquisition of Natura Pet Products(Innova, California Natural, Evo, and Healthwise). This was a huge surprise to both loyal consumers and pet food retailers. Natura Pet has long been a leader in the natural pet food segment. That they would sell to P&G, a company found guilty of animal cruelty, was the unthinkable. Ironically, Iams and Eukanuba were viewed much the sames as Natura Pet back in 1999 when they were purchased by P&G. In the decade since, there has been a sharp decline in both quality and integrity.

Providing high quality natural pet food from trusted manufacturers is a prime objective at Ruff Haus. We support pet food companies that are truly committed to producing the best diets for your animals. It is with regret that we will not be able to recommend Natura Products anymore. They have been a part of Ruff Haus for nearly a decade but their association with P&G signals a change. Ruff Haus will remain committed to the pets we serve first, last, and always.

I know what you’re thinking, “But it’s is the only food that he/she can eat, I can’t switch.” While we understand that some situations are definitely harder than others, there’s no “magic” pet food. Change can happen and it’s good thing. There are many benefits to rotating your pet’s food. In addition to the high quality foods we already carry, we are evaluating several new lines of food that will meet our standards as well as the varied needs of our clients. We stand behind all the food we sell. If your pet won’t eat it, we’ll take it back. So stop in soon and pick up some free samples. Rest assured, we will do our homework and always provide your pets with the best available foods on the market.

Thank you for your continued support.
Rich Forsythe

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